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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

A Blue Sun for Offenbach

18 February 2015

OOZE and Marjetica Potrč have been invited to submit a concept for proposing a viewing platform on a former harbour Crane in Offenbach. The proposal is part of the art initiative "Kran study 630", curated by Heike Strelow and commissioned by OPG Offenbacher (Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH)

The Blue Sun project adds a number of viewing platforms to the Blue Crane, which offer a succession of evolving views. In addition, solar panels are installed on the top section of the crane to provide electricity for a variety of public activities on the ground, at the foot of the crane. Solar power thus brings new life and a new function to the crane, which is now no longer part of the old, obsolete industrial infrastructure but rather part of a new energy infrastructure.

The Blue Sun

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