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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

A/D/O New York hosts Water Bodies exhibition

9 October 2018

From October 9th until November 15th 2018, the Ooze exhibition 'Water Bodies', will be on show at the A/D/O gallery in New York. Water Bodies is part of Water Futures, a year long research programme curated by Jane Withers. Ooze opened the exhibition with a lecture and participated in a discussion, introduced by Anthony Acciavatti, Columbia GSAPP professor and author of Ganges Water Machine: Designing New India’s Ancient River. The exhibition draws on our work in Rio de Janeiro (Água Carioca) and Chennai (City of 1,000 Tanks), as well as a new study from NYC (Every Other Street).

About the exhibition:

Water Bodies searches for a paradigm shift in how water is integrated into our lives at the scale of our households, our neighbourhoods and our city. It compares three similar-sized cities in different parts of the world which all face water challenges: Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Chennai in India, and New York City in the USA.

All three cities have traditional centralized water management systems. These large-scale systems are often invisible, incomprehensible and vulnerable to failure. Instead, by collecting, treating and distributing (waste)water directly where it is produced, we can integrate natural water cycles into our everyday lives and make water tangible in the urban realm. Decentralized infrastructure not only builds resilience against floods, droughts and pollution but can also create beautiful green habitats and natural swimming holes. The exhibition presents incremental solutions, working across multiple scales and relating the human body to the territory.

Every Other Street, New York


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The exhibition drew on work in Rio de Janeiro, Chennai and New York, displayed in a constructed water 'tank' © A/D/O
'Reimagining Urban Water' - Ooze give opening lecture at exhibition © Ooze
The 'tank' during the opening © Ooze
© Ooze