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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

Água Carioca @ the Porto Design Biennale 2023

11 November 2023

From the 19.10.23 until the 03.12.23, OOZE is part of the Porto Design Biennale 2023, “Being Water”, with the project / Água Carioca.

The Biennale highlights the vital role of water, how we flow together and shape each other ‘Ser Água: Como fluímos e nos moldamos coletivamente’ . Water is a powerful lens through which we think about the world and the adaptability of design to the current fast and ceaseless changes, where the world we know is disintegrating and we still don't know how the next one will look like.

The curator wrote "in this edition of Porto Design Biennale, we propose a transdisciplinary laboratory platform dedicated to observation, reflection, creativity, and learning, which will act simultaneously in the visible and invisible, organic and inorganic, and ephemeral spectra of water. "
A perfect match with OOZE’s work and practice, which explores, researches and reimagines water flow systems across scales.

From October to December 2023, the Porto Design Biennale shares knowledge that highlights, repairs, restores and encourages a new dialogue around design and its relationship to the natural world.

Visiting Information:

Rua de Brito Capelo 243, 4450-228 Matosinhos, Portugal

Visiting hours:

Água Carioca, Rio de Janeiro


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Exhibition of Água Carioca at the Porto Design Biennale 2023, (© Ooze)