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It is WaterWeek!
During the UN 2023 Water Conference, we want to showcase the importance of water for our work at OOZE and feature some of the important water-related projects we were fortunate to realise with our partners over the years.

City of 1000 Tanks' Mylapore project published by The Lede, India

15 July 2019

On July 15th, The Lede published an exclusive coverage of our project proposal in Mylapore as part of the City of 1000 Tanks programme in Chennai, India. The article which went into depths on the team's vision and the array of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) proposed in various parts of the historic neighbourhood also shared insights from Ooze director, Eva Pfannes about the impending water crisis and the extent of ground water extraction.

Developed by the consortium led by Ooze, the City of 1000 Tanks, under the Water as Leverage programme is an innovative and holistic urban water strategy addressing the issues of water stress in Chennai. The Mylapore proposal is further being developed for the Green Climate Fund with support from the Tamil Nadu Department of Environment and Greater Chennai Corporation.

Thanks to Sandhya Ravishankar for the article.

Read the full article here.

City of 1,000 Tanks, Chennai


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