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It is WaterWeek!
During the UN 2023 Water Conference, we want to showcase the importance of water for our work at OOZE and feature some of the important water-related projects we were fortunate to realise with our partners over the years.

First phase of Àgua Carioca in Rio begins

19 November 2012

Ooze is starting the first phase of the research project ÀGUA CARIOCA in Rio Janeiro.

ÀGUA CARIOCA proposes to analyze the potentialities for natural, self-sufficient and decentralized small-scale infrastructure and water management system in informal settlements by means of several case studies in Rio de Janeiro. The research will result in an innovative design proposal for a pilot projects integrating closed water cycle into its social, spatial and ecological context. This study and other related projects realized by OOZE in various cities in Europe will be exhibited at the CAU (Centro de Arquitetura e Urbanismo do Rio de Janeiro) With this exhibition about ÀGUA CARIOCA, Ooze aim to create heightened public awareness for the potential of such alternative systems and hope to raise funding to implement and realize this pilot projects in 2014.

Água Carioca, Rio de Janeiro

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