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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

Future Island spring building workshop, hands on the rocks!

6 June 2022

Eva, Sylvain and Marjetica are back in Albano to undertake the construction of the heated part of Future Island. Clusters of heated rocks, under-rock heating network and general topography are carefully placed to form a semi natural landscape which together with local water plants and grasses will form the ecosystem of the island.

They are instructing a team of fantastic builders from Akademiska Hus and NCC who deploy some extreme skills with their machines to sculpt the island and enables this construction of a new nature which will show live some of the consequences of a 5 deg. Temperature increase in the atmosphere.

Tomas Persson from Akademiska Hus, Lotta Mossum and Johan Tirén from Statens konstråd - Public Art Agency Sweden are making sure the work is going according to schedule.

Akademiska Hus Akademiska Hus


Statens konstråd - Public Art Agency Sweden

Future Island


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