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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

Public Space Society - Round Table 1

7 July 2012

In the frame of the project PUBLIC SPACE SOCIETY, three round tables will be organized in temporary space created by the Marker structure PSS. The goal is to develop new methodologies and strategies to devellop public space for all in respect of the local and the collective identity of a place and to find innovative solutions with the participation of the citizens, that go beyond the normal understanding of democracy to make those places possible in the city of today.


Topic: Genossenschaften- Co-operative

What can we learn from the organizational principles of cooperatives? What conditions are necessary to ensure that people bring to the design of public space?

Detailed Program

12:00 Marigolds butter brunch at the Stadion Brache (prepared by Giglia pitch from the stadion Garten)

14:00 Roundtable discussion in the Public Space Society

Moderated by Christian Müller,journalist, economist and founder of the agency [the] basic income

Guests: Author P.M., Author of Bolo Bolo and co-founder of KraftWerk1

Michael Emmenegger, founder and CEO Stadion Brache, management of social processes

Monica Spring, State Councillor, trade unionist and architect, chairman of the syndicate Hardturm

Joerg Stollman, Professor of urban planning and architecture at the Technical University of Berlin, with
Rainer Hehl, he is the founder of Urban inform

Dr. Sabine Wolf, CEO Cooperative Kalkbreite

16:00"Public Space Society Walk“ along several unused waste land in Zurich West to reach the cultural garden at Labitzke

17:00 Mirzlekid performance, artist , Refreshments served and informal socializing

Public Space Society

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