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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

‘Ecovention Europe’ Exhibition at De Domijnen Museum, NL

3 September 2017

The work of Ooze and Marjetica Potrč will be exhibited as part of 'Ecovention Europe: Art to Transform Ecologies, 1957-2017'. The exhibition features the work of artists from across 13 countries who have all tried to expose or solve the environmental crises in Europe. The work selected recognises the importance of a good balance between plants, animals, people and their environment. They signal that Mother Earth's "resources" are not inexhaustible and, through artistic, innovative and innovative projects, seek attention for ecology and sustainability.

Featured artists include: 431art, Lara Almarcegui, Emanuela Ascari, Brandon Ballengée, Joseph Beuys, Brett Bloom, Jackie Brookner, Federica di Carlo, Paul Chaney, Rebecca Chesney, Czekalska + Golec, Søren Dahlgaard, Agnes Denes, Georg Dietzler, Ecole Mondiale, les Fujak, Gruppo 9999, Harrison Studio, Kiełczyńska, AnneMarie Maes, Cecylia Malik, Daniela di Maro, Teresa Murak, N55, Nils Norman, Ooze, Jean-François Paquay, Ugo la Pietra, Marjetica Potrč, Moirika Reker, Robert Smithson, Debra Solomon, George Steinmann, Vera Thaens, Touchstones, Nicolás García Uriburu, Koen Vanmechelen, Hans de Vries en Lois Weinberger.

Ecovention Europe
De Domijnen
Sittard, The Netherlands
4.9.2017 - 7.1.2018

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