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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

Água Carioca at 11th São Paulo Architecture Biennial

5 October 2017

Ooze is participating in the 11th São Paulo Architecture Biennial, curated by Marcos Rosa. Água Carioca will be exhibited and Ooze will travel to São Paulo to participate in several workshops with local stakeholders regarding the water problematic in the city.

The theme of the Biennial for 2017 is ‘In Project’, proposing a series of experimental actions in the city to generate collaborative knowledge about the territory and its forms of transformation. They challenge participants to re-position the architect in front of the community and foster collective awareness through direct action. They see the biennial as a catalyst to invigorate the city with projects - approaching real issues and challenges, working across disciplines and valuing the importance of the local.

Explaining the invitation to participate, curator Marcos Rosa said: "Ooze's Architect’s expertise in developing large scale water systems connected to small scale prototypes creates the opportunity to transfer technical and architectural knowledge to the users, as they become an active part of the process. As such, that architecture serves as a civic device, which proves capable of generating awareness over the critical issue of water resources."

We're really happy that Água Carioca has been recognised for its social commitment and action and are looking forward to it being part of this exciting event.

11th Sao Paulo Architecture Biennial / Opens October 18th 2017 / Ends December 2017 / Locations across the city

Água Carioca, Rio de Janeiro

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