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IIT Madras visit the Water Balance Pilot, Chennai

27 October 2023

IIT Madras students, lead by Dr. Parama Roy and Shilesh Hari Haram (Madras Terrace Architects) visit to the Water Balance Pilot.

The Water Balance Pilot is the first step towards the City of 1,000 Tanks upscaling strategy. This is a significant moment as it reflects the intentions of the project; to collect data, raise awareness and build capacity to and trust in City of 1,000 Tanks overall strategy and it’s Nature Based Solutions for the city of Chennai.

City of 1,000 Tanks - Water Balance Pilot

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Questions and Answers next to Maria Grotto at the Water Balance Pilot © Madras Terrace Architects
IIT Madras Students walk through the Constructed Wetlands of the Water Balance Pilot © Madras Terrace Architects