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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

In search of the pluriverse at the Het Nieuw Instituut - Of Soil and water / The King's Cross Pond Club

23 April 2022

OOZE and Marjetica Potrč have been invited to be part of the Pluriverse exhibition in the Het Nieuw Instituut. The exhibition is exploring possible futures for all living entities on this planet, and the radical shift which is needed. In chosing the book “Designs for the Pluriverse by Colombian anthropologist Arturo Escobar as a guide, Curators Sophie Krier & Erik Wong set to work with some notions from the book: the realisation that we are all interdependent, the idea that autonomy and communality can go hand in hand and – if we want to “make a world in which many worlds can thrive” – the need for radical imaginations.
They have decided to search at the fringes of Europe for manifestations of this more pluriversal way of looking at life and this planet. Why edges, why fringes? Because where one thing ends and another begins, change has room to grow. With makers and thinkers based in the Netherlands, they are connecting with local makers and thinkers in five locations: İstanbul, the Scottish Isle of Mull, Berlin, Casablanca and the Spanish region Asturias.

The exhibition includes online and offline contributions from: Mae-ling Lokko, Yaşar Adnan Adanalı (Centre of Spatial Justice), Kıvılcım Özmen & Besê Diribaş, Suzanne Dhaliwal, Aslı Hatipoğlu, Huis van de Toekomst & Feest van de Eenvoud (Melle Smets, Klaas Burger, Bart Groenewegen, Peik Suyling, Ayse Alcinkaya), Tony & Judy Gibson, School of Mutants (Hamedine Kane, Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro, Valérie Osouf, Boris Raux), Severine Amsing, Bodil Ouédraogo, Anne van Leeuwen (Bodemzicht), Nina van Hartskamp, Camila Marambio & Ariel Bustamante, Tom Morton (Arc Architects) & the Travellers, Miek Zwamborn (Knockvologan), Collins+Goto (Tim Collins, Reiko Goto) & Chris Malcolm, Serkan Taycan, Mhairi Killin, Lonnie van Brummelen, Siebren de Haan & Tolin Alexander, Joke Robaard, Nur Horsanalı, Jay Tompt (REconomy Centre), Sabine Zahn, The Linen Project, Ooze Architects (Eva Pfannes, Silvain Hartenberg) & Marjetica Potrč, Kornelia Dimitrova, la C.A.R. (Cellule d’Actions Rituelles), Cynthia Hathaway (WASA / Wool Alliance for Social Agency), Li An Phoa & Thom Verheul, Ola Hassanain, Tomás Espinosa, Valeria López and Ana Bravo Péres, Bárbara Sanchez, Franchesca Caballero, Nini Palomino, Natalia Bernal, Daniela Maldonado, and those who prefer not to be named.

het nieuwe instituut exhibition

King's Cross Pond Club


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