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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

SMAAKSTAAT wins College van Rijksadviseurs 'Brood en Spelen' competition

5 July 2018

Our entry ‘SMAAKSTAAT’ has been chosen as one of the winners in the Brood en Spelen competition. Initiated by Floris Alkemade (Rijksbouwmeester) and Berno Strootman (Rijksadviseur voor het Landschap), the competition invited designers to work together with farmers and landowners to develop innovative ideas for the future of the countryside.

Our proposal is a comprehensive concept focused on cultural change, creating a new, living culture of taste: a new Dutch Golden Age. It challenges our current, (environmentally) damaging food system by aiming to increase the value that society places on food and the farmer. The programme supports small-scale, specialist farmers, linking them with cultural institutions and their visitors in cities, as well as to consumers and the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

We’re looking forward to developing this proposal in the next phase, along with input from competition partners such as Wageningen University, the province of Noord Brabant and the Groen Ontwikkelfonds Brabant (Green Development Fund Brabant).

SMAAKSTAAT is developed in collaboration with Bennie Meek, Vincent Wittenberg, farmer Geert van de Kaa of vof De Walnoothoeve(n) and curator Valentijn Byvanck from the Marres Museum, Maastricht.

SMAAKSTAAT, North Brabant


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Members of the SMAAKSTAAT team with Rijksbouwmeester Floris Alkemade at the awards ceremony (photo credit: Brood en Spelen/Rufus de Vries)
Winning teams from Brabant/ Zuid (photo credit: Brood en Spelen/Rufus de Vries)