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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

SOLAR BIENNALE #2 - Designing a Solar Democracy @ Pakhius de Zwijger / Amsterdam

28 April 2022

Eva Pfannes will present the Local Energy Action plan project, a research carried out for the ninth edition of the International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam (IABR), DOWN TO EARTH (2020 – 2021).

The sun, our source of life, has become the cheapest source of energy today. Yet designing a fossil-free world for all, powered by the sun, requires more than technocratic solutionism and one-size-fits-all panels. The Solar Biennale envisions and critically reflects on the future of solar energy in a series of 4 Solar Lectures at Pakhuis de Zwijger.
During the second Solar Lecture by The Solar Biennale we explore the social relations with energy and the sun. The sun is there for everyone to enjoy. But how do we harvest her power in a democratic way? Can we imagine a society where energy is sourced, owned and distributed like a commons? What can we learn from decentralized, and more inclusive systems where consumers become producers? What would the world look like when solar energy is abundant and which new relationships does solar design enable?
Lynn Zebeda will discuss these and other questions with her guests Pallas Agterberg , Melle Smets and Eva Pfannes and will invite you, the audience, to join the conversation.

28 april 2022
@ Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179
1019 HC Amsterdam
Time: 20:00h
Moderator: Lynn Zebeda
Language: English

designing a solar democracy lectures

LEAP - Local Energy Action Plan, Rotterdam


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