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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

Water as Leverage Chennai workshops focus on finance and local engagement

2 April 2019

As we prepare for the second Water as Leverage regional workshop in Singapore (24-26th April), you can read all about the recent local workshops in Chennai on the City of 1,000 Tanks website.

There were interactive workshops with government stakeholders, presentations to - among others - Partners for Resilience, UN-Habitat and the Dutch Ambassador to India, and a public, guided walk through the vibrant and historic Mylapore locality – one of the sites for implementation of the City of 1,000 Tanks project.

You can read the full posts here:

Public engagement workshop follows trail for City of 1,000 Tanks
Day one of the local workshop ends with the Mylapore Trail walking tour
Finance a key topic of discussion at the third local workshop in Chennai

Keep an eye on the website as we’ll be keeping it updated with project progress in the coming months.

City of 1,000 Tanks, Chennai


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