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OOZE is an international design practice operating between the fields of art, architecture and urbanism.

Architecture City: Women in Architecture

17 July 2018

What is the position of women in the field of architecture today? As part of their ‘Architecture City’ series, Operator Radio invited Eva Pfannes, co-founder of Ooze Architects and Oana Rades, partner of Shift Architecture Urbanism, to join them in the studio and answer the question. From the need to uncover the 'hidden' women in the history of the profession, to how our unhealthy obsession with the 'iconic architect' obscures the reality of architecture as a complex, group process, it was a thought-provoking exchange.

Broadcast live on Friday 11th July, you can listen to the whole interview here, starting from 33’50’’. (Note: This programme is in Dutch.)

The series is curated by architectural historian Catja Edens and interviewers were Catja Edens and Jorn Konijn.


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In the studio in Rotterdam for the interview with Operator Radio (Left to right: Jorn Konijn, Catja Edens, Eva Pfannes and Oana Rades)